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Dribs & Drabs in Mets World

Some news to report out of the world of the New York Mets.

— Jason Pridie signed a minor league deal with the Oakland A’s. The Mets outrighted him to the minors last week and he chose to be a free agent. I was kind of surprised by this. Pridie was more than adequate in center field in 2011 and I figured he would have the chance to make the team as a fourth outfielder. Hell, I would rather have him starting in center than Pagan and use the roughly $3.5 million in savings towards other problem areas on the team.

— Speaking of Pagan, multiple reports say it appears he and Mike Pelfrey will definitely be tendered contracts. $10 million combined for these two stiffs is not a smart way to spend limited money.

— Ken Davidoff of Newsday writes that the Mets are interested in Staten Island native Jason Marquis. Meh. He always had good movement in his fastball, though.

— On the Jose Reyes front, Sports Illustrated‘s Jon Heyman reports the contract the Marlins offered him was six years, $90 million — that’s $15 million per year for you math majors. That seems pretty reasonable. It’s unlikely to end up there, but at least at this figure the Mets are still in the game. Andy Martino of the Daily News, though, claims the Mets say they don’t want to go to six years, so stay tuned.

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  • i agree with you on pridie over pagan, especially because pagan’s right around the pelfrey age where you know that they really don’t have any more potential, what you see is what you get (not very good). as for marquis, despite his injuries (most recently from an angel pagan line drive. thanks again for helping the team angel), he wants to play for the mets. not to mention, he keeps the ball in the park. a slight defensive upgrade for the mets would make marquis a good signing in my opinion

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