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Boo! Mets Tender Mike Pelfrey

The Mets tendered a contract to Mike Pelfrey Monday night, meaning we have to watch him struggle and lick himself through 30+ starts in 2012. This is a huge mistake.

Mmm, I’m delicious!

We know what Pelfrey can do, and it is not good. Many people are praising this move, saying Pelfrey is an “innings eater” who consistently throws around 200 innings per year. But they are mediocre innings at best. Shouldn’t you want a pitcher who can actually eat quality innings?

It is also a tremendous waste of money. Pelfrey will likely get around $6 million. You’re telling me the Mets couldn’t find a better pitcher for $6 million? They could have easily found a pitcher just as mediocre as Pelfrey for far less than $6 million. For a team as cost conscious as the Mets, this is a very stupid, very baffling move.

In other news, the Mets tendered Manny Acosta, which was smart, and did not tender Ronny Paulino, which was also smart.

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