THE List: Top 10 2011 Mets Moments

Luis Castillo & Oliver Perez Released — 3/18/11, 3/21/11


Alderson was smart to bring them into camp to see if they had anything to offer. Of course they did not, so they were cut loose despite the Mets still being on the hook for $18 million, much to the delight of Mets fans.

Osama bin Laden Killed — 5/1/11


It was fitting that the Mets were playing on the Sunday night that we finally got bin Laden. The “USA USA” chants that the crowd spontaneously chanted as word spread sent chills up my spine. I still think they should have stopped the game to show President Obama’s announcement on the big screen. It was the news we’d been waiting to hear for a decade. I don’t think the players would have minded.

Ike Davis Injury — 5/10/11


I never said these were all good moments. The Davis-David Wright collision didn’t seem like much when it happened, but the ankle injury somehow ended up keeping Davis out for the reminder of the season. It left a huge hole in the lineup that could not be filled.

Carlos Beltran 3 Home Runs — 5/12/11


It was one of Beltran’s shining moment in his Mets career — slamming three home runs on a blustery day in Colorado.

Mets Explode for 52 Runs — 6/25/11-6/29/11


During a four-game winning streak in late June, the Mets beat the Rangers 14-5 and 8-5, then moved onto Detroit to blast the Tigers 14-3 and 16-9. The 52 runs were the most the Mets have ever scored in four games.

K-Rod Traded — 7/12/11


Sandy Alderson caught us all by surprise by trading Rodriguez to the Brewers for two players. That $17.5 million option for 2012 was unacceptable; it was impressive that Alderson was able to get rid of it.

Carlos Beltran Traded — 7/28/11


It was also impressive that Alderson was able to get a top pitching prospect in Zack Wheeler for Beltran a couple of weeks later. If Wheeler pans out this could be a landmark deal.

Chris Capuano 2-Hitter — 8/26/11


In an otherwise forgettable season, Capuano turned in one of the best pitching performances in franchise history — a two-hit shutout with 13 strikeouts and no walks.

Jose Reyes Bunt — 9/28/11


It was the bunt heard round the world. Reyes led off game 162 with a bunt single and promptly jogged off the field, preserving what turned out to be the first-ever batting title for a Met. Reyes was roundly criticized for protecting his average in such a fashion, especially since so many people showed up at Citi Field for what they thought was going to be his final game in a Mets uniform.

Jose Reyes Leaves — 12/7/11


And indeed, it was. Reyes defected to the Marlins for a six-year, $106 million contract after the Mets failed to even make a formal offer to him. He will be missed.

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