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Mets NOT Interested in Ryan Theriot

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (as of this month no longer of Sports Illustrated) tweeted on Thursday:

Jon Heyman

@JonHeymanCBSJon Heyman
Braves, rays, mets among teams looking at ryan theriot

Sources tell Blogging Mets that is just not true, as far as the Mets interest is concerned. And I will go against journalistic tradition and reveal my source — common sense.

Theriot made $3.3 million in 2011 and will likely get upwards of $4 million in arbitration for 2012. That is far too much for a player like Theriot, which is why the Cardinals non-tendered him.

Why in the world would the Mets pay $4 million for a second baseman/shortstop when they have several players who can fill that role with similar abilities for far less money? It’s not that Theriot is bad; he is perfectly adequate, but not for a team with purse strings as tight as the Mets.

If the Mets were going to spend another $4 million, I think they would go out and get another pitcher for the starting rotation, which could be the weakest part of the team next season.

It’s a wonder why Heyman wouldn’t consider that before sending off his tweet. Perhaps that’s why Sports Illustrated fired him (unless he made the brilliant decision to quit the most respected name in sports to slum it for CBS).

2 thoughts on “Mets NOT Interested in Ryan Theriot

  • DaveSchneck

    The Mets may well be “interested” in Theriot based on what price he commands in the open market. He was non-tendered because he is not worth near $4 million to the Cardinals or any other team, otherwise the Redbirds would have offered arb and not given him up for nothing in return. If his market falls to around $1.5 million, he may then be both affordable and a good fit for the Mets. That is why they are “interested” in him as a possible fit.

  • Mark Berman

    You know, Dave, you’re right — my thinking was a bit skewed on this. I was thinking he would still be bound for arbitration, which could still be the case if a team signs him and decides to go that route.

    Even still, I don’t see him signing for less than $2 million, which is far too much money for the Mets to spend on him.

    Oh and by the way, you’re not former Met Dave Schneck, are you?!

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