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Mets Avoid Arbitration

The Mets on Tuesday came to terms with their four arbitration-eligible players, so now the penny-pinching Wilpons won’t have to deal with the uncertainty and stress that the arbitration process represents.

Mike Pelfrey got a very, very undeserving raise from the $3.93 million he made in 2011 to $5.68 million. It’s less than the $6 million most people predicted, but still too much for a pitcher of Pelfrey’s, ahem, abilities. There is word now that Roy Oswalt will likely have to settle for a one-year deal for around $8 million. I ask again, whom would you rather have — Pelfrey, Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno for $8 million or Oswalt and two rookies on the bench for $9 million? The answer is clear to everyone except Sandy Alderson.


The two new imports from the Giants, center fielder Andres Torres and reliever Ramon Ramirez signed for $2.7 million and $2.67 million respectively. It’s a little less than I thought Torres would get — he made $2.2 million in 2011, and I thought he would get $3 million in 2012. But it’s far more than I thought Ramirez would be offered — he made $1.65 million last year, and I thought he would get closer to $2 million this season. Either way, combined it is only a little more than Angel Pagan got from the Giants — $4.85 million — and the Mets were able to fill two gaping holes on their team. Excellent move.


Manny Acosta signed for $875,000, which means he will likely make the bullpen in 2012, leaving just one spot open for spring training competition.

So that $90 million or so payroll is rounding into form. This might be a very, very long season.

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