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This is the Problem with Sandy Alderson

I wrote earlier this month that I think the Mets have an honesty problem; either the front office flat-out lies to us or just does not tell us exactly what is going on. Sandy Alderson has been giving misleading statements since he got here. He made a comment on Monday that while it was not a lie or misleading, was a perfect example of the dishonest double-talk coming out of management.

Mets Blog reports that speaking on the MLB Network on Monday, Alderson said, “The payroll this year is lower. The effective payroll will be about the same as it was last year, in terms of the players we actually have on the field.”

What he meant by that is after taking away the salaries of Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran (which of course the Mets still paid), the payroll in the second half of 2011 is similar to the payroll this season.

At least Alderson admitted the payroll is lower this season, but by talking about the “effective payroll” he is trying to gloss over the fact that the payroll is $50 million less — a record MLB reduction. He is in essence saying, “The payroll is the same as last season.”

That is just a lie. The Mets are operating like a small market team that keeps its revenue sharing and does not put it back into the team. The Mets took that $50 million savings and put it in the Wilpons pocket. This “effective payroll” thing is just a bunch of garbage.

But of course no one will call it what is is.  Just another example of the Mets not being honest with their fans.

One thought on “This is the Problem with Sandy Alderson

  • Why+do+you+think+they+(Mets+management)+has+to+inform+the+fan+base+of+their+financials?+I+think+Sandy+Alderson+is+doing+a+good+job+considering+the+mess+he+has+inherited.+Each+move+he\’s+made+has+been+solid.+Did+you+want+him+to+sign+Pujols?+100+++for+Reyes?+I+wouldn\’t+have+signed+Reyes+either+for+that+crazy+kind+of+money.






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