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Mike Pelfrey Could Need Season-Ending Surgery

There are reports that Mike Pelfrey could need surgery on his elbow that will end his 2012 season, and possibly his career with the Mets.

pelfreyMajor League sources tell reports that the Mets are aware that Pelfrey has a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament and could need surgery. The New York Post reports team officials say he has a “small tear” in his right elbow. The Mets and Pelfrey will seek a second opinion before any decision is made about what to do next.

Of course everyone is hoping surgery can be avoided.

“There are conservative courses of action and there are radical courses of action,” Sandy Alderson said. “If you took the most conservative course of action in this case you are probably talking about two to four weeks, at least.” Alderson said they should know more within the next couple of days.

If Pelfrey does need surgery and misses the rest of the season, it is highly unlikely he would be back in 2013. Pelfrey has one more year of arbitration left, and under major league rules he must be paid at least 80% of the $5,687,500 he’s making this year, so around $4.5 million. I can’t see the Mets paying that much money for a pitcher coming back from major surgery.

I have made no secret of my dislike for Pelfrey, but this would be a sad way for his Mets career to come to an end.

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