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Josh Thole May have Concussion

Josh Thole is back in New York on Tuesday to be examined for a possible concussion, suffered in that home plate collision with Ty Wigginton Monday night.

joshIn a clean play, Wigginton’s shoulder slammed Thole in the face as Thole was tagging him out (left). Thole remained on the ground for several minuets before walking off on his own. However back in the clubhouse Thole complained of headaches, dizziness and feeling flushed.

It could have been far worse; Wigginton is not shy about barreling into catchers. In fact, Gary Cohen often points out that Wigginton was the last Met to run over a catcher, and that was back in 2003 or 2004.

“Ty Wigginton, I’m surprised he didn’t crush him, to be honest,”  Terry Collins said.

Thole has had a concussion before, in 2010 while playing for Buffalo.

There is a new seven-day disabled list for concussed players. It is likely Thole will be placed on that, with Rob Johnson or Lucas May coming up to back up Mike Nickeas.

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