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Terry Collins Explains Removing David Wright

Terry Collins has explained why he removed David Wright for a pinch hitter late in Tuesday night’s game.

David Wright & Terry Collins discuss incident in dugout: Photo courtesy Daily News
David Wright & Terry Collins discuss incident in dugout: Photo courtesy Daily News

In case you missed the game, in the top of the seventh D.J. Carrasco hit Ryan Braun. It did not seem intentional, but it did follow a Rickie Weeks homer, so Carrasco was ejected from the game.

When it was Wright’s turn to hit in the bottom of the inning, Jordany Valdespin was sent to the plate instead. Wright was outraged; TV cameras showed Wright yelling at Collins, then storming down into the tunnel. He

The Mets broadcasters speculated that Collins made the move to protect Wright from possible retaliation. Well, they were right.

Here’s what Collins said after the game, according to Mets Blog:

“In my opinion, why I took him out of the game, he wasn’t getting hurt. I’m not accusing anybody of the possibility of retaliation, but I don’t blame the umpires for doing what they did, and I don’t blame the other team for any perception they had of what happened. But, I’ve got news for you, in this game there are unwritten rules, and one of them is “you hit my guy, I’m hitting your guy.” They’re not hitting my guy tonight. I’m not exposing him to being hit.”

Collins said Wright wanted to stay in the game and take the possible hit.

“As he always does, he said he would take it for the team,” Collins said. “I told him I am not going to do that. We are not in a position to have him take one for the team and miss a week or three days or two days. I’m not letting that happen.”

Collins also took out Daniel Murphy, who is also red-hot and could have been a possible target for retaliation.

After the game Wright said he has no problem with Collins.

“Terry and I have no issues. I respect him and I love playing for him,” Wright said. “I’m not a manager. His job is to do what he thinks is best for the team now and in the long run and he did that. I have no problem with that, I respect it 100 percent.”

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