THE List: 10 Best Mets Pitchers

Tom Seaver (1967-1976, 1983)
tom seaver
Well, obviously. Tops in wins (198), strikeouts (2541) and ERA (2.57) for the Mets. Three Cy Young awards. Hall of Fame. Need I go on?

Jerry Koosman (1968-1978)
jerry koosman
Koosman was underrated. Third in wins and strikeouts. In fact, when he retired, he was in the top 10 all-time in strikeouts. He nearly won a Cy Young Award and Rookie of the Year. Had he won those, he would be viewed with much more esteem.

Jesse Orosco (1979-1987)
jesse orosco
Orosco was actually acquired for Koosman. His 2.73 ERA is second on the Mets list. His 107 saves is third.

Ron Darling (1983-1991)
ron darling
Darling is fourth on the wins list with 99.

Dwight Gooden (1984-1994)
dwight gooden
Second to Seaver in wins and strikeouts. Gooden won the Cy Young in 1985 in perhaps the best pitching year in Mets history. What might have been…

Sid Fernandez (1984-1993)
sid fernandez
People forget how good Fernandez was for the Mets. He’s right behind Darling with 98 wins, fourth in strikeouts and his 3.14 ERA wasn’t too bad, either.

David Cone (1987-1992)
david cone
Cone had 81 wins and a 3.13 ERA in a relatively short Mets career.

John Franco (1990-2004)
john franco
Sure, he could be maddening to watch at times, but Franco is by far the Mets save leader with 276.

Al Leiter (1998-2004)
al leiter
Leiter is sixth on the wins list with 95 and was one of the toughest competitors the Mets have ever had.

Johan Santana (2008-present)
johan santana
When healthy, Santana has been spectacular for the Mets. His 2.88 ERA is third on the Mets list, and he might have won the Cy Young in 2008 had the Mets scored any runs for him.

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3 thoughts on “THE List: 10 Best Mets Pitchers

  • Joel The Mouth

    Where is Wagner He was an intimidating presence on the mound in each of his three seasons as the Mets closer. He successfully closed out 40 games for the Mets in 2006 to lead the team to the brink of the World Series, and followed it up with back-to-back all-star seasons in 2007 and 2008.Leave Santana off this list IDK about the no-no yes it is great but all in all he was not that great as a Met IMO

  • Eddie Wilkowski

    Seaver is of course in a class by himself. Koosman was without a doubt one of our finest pitchers,second to none in competitiveness and toughness was second to Johnny Bench for that Rookie Of The Year and was essentially robbed of the 1976 Cy Young by Randy Jones. Just a great Met. Orosco not only pitched a long time for us but early on was dominant,his 1983 season when he went 13-7 with a 1.47ERA was arguably the top year ever for a Met reliever. If I remember correctly he finished third on that year’s Cy Young ballot. Jesse also was on the mound to finish off the playoffs and World Series in 86,on fumes. How isn’t he in the Met Hall Of Fame? Dwight Gooden,as great it it was to to be at a game pitched by Seaver or Koosman there was nothing like being at a Gooden start at Shea. When Dwight started out he just dominated. Santana was a great pitcher who fielded his position flawlessly,unfortunately for the Met fans injuries set him back but when he was out there he was a star pitcher. Nice job with the list.

  • Mark Berman

    Thanks! Yeah, Orosco should be in the Mets Hall of Fame. So should Ron Darling. The Mets have a strange way of not honoring their past.

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