noah syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero Sent Down

The Mets sent Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero to the minor league camp on Tuesday. But don’t worry — we’ll be seeing them again in 2014. Even though the move was expected, it still stung Syndergaard. “It’s always disappointing when you get a taste of being in the big-league clubhouse, getting the treatment like a […]

Media Pick Up on Mets Payroll Restrictions

Media Pick Up on Mets Payroll Restrictions

It took a few days, but it looks like the mainstream media are finally picking up on the stunning alleged revelation that the Mets were unable to raise their payroll because of their debt deal, and that they have been lying to us all about it for years. To recap, last Thursday the New York […]

Wait, What? Sandy Alderson Best GM in Baseball?!

Wait, What? Sandy Alderson Best GM in Baseball?!

From New York Magazine (via Mets Blog) comes this gem: “Sandy Alderson is the best GM in baseball.” Come again? In the magazine’s annual “Reasons to Love New York” feature, number 26 is Will Leitch’s entry about Alderson, with the bold claim in the headline. He writes: If you’re a passenger in a defective plane, […]

Damn Manipulative Media!

Damn Manipulative Media!

As a former and quasi-current member of the media, I always pay attention not only to what is reported, but how it is reported. So often reporters manipulate or exaggerate facts and figures to help them support their point of view. Sometimes it is just nonsense, other times it is purposely misleading. I started thinking […]

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Mets Get 4 Top Free Agents? Nah

I will start this out by saying that the folks over at MLB Trade Rumors do a tremendous job; I visit the site multiple times per day and get plenty of breaking Mets news there. But maybe they should get out of the free agent prediction business. Every year MLBTR honcho Tim Dierkes writes a column […]

tom verducci

Seriously Tom Verducci, “Bonus At Bat”?!

Tom Verducci is an excellent writer — I always enjoy reading his stuff in Sports Illustrated. He is insightful and always on the mark. Well, make that almost always on the mark because in the newest issue he proposes an absolutely ridiculous idea that he thinks will improve baseball. Writing about the rise of pitching […]

New and Improved Blogging Mets!

New and Improved Blogging Mets!

While you were sleeping I revamped Blogging Mets, giving it an all new look. I like it better; after four years, the old format was getting a bit stale. But you guys have to read it, so I would really like to know what you think. Please comment below — if the majority of people do […]

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Blogging Mets: Now Enhanced for Phones!

So it turns out the mobile experience of Blogging Mets has been lousy for years and no one told me! Taking the advice of an Internet entrepreneur pal of mine, I found a way to make it look much better on smartphones. Instead of being a miniature version of the desktop site, it is now […]

Blogging Mets on Yahoo!

So I am doing some Mets writing for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. I wrote my first piece for them, about why Sandy Alderson deserves to be fired. Check it out:

Keith Hernandez Oddly Silent on Gay Athletes

During the bottom of the fifth inning of Monday’s Mets-Marlins game, the broadcast crew discussed NBA center Jason Collins’s decision to come out as gay. Gary Cohen and Kevin Burkhardt did almost all of the talking; Keith Hernandez did almost none, which I found quite curious. Burkhardt brought up the subject during one of his […]


Mets PR Conspiracy on Possible Deals?

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Oswald shot Kennedy. Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. Marisa Tomei did indeed with an Oscar. But I find it quite curious that on the same day — an off day for the Mets, no less — two newspaper columnists wrote articles about the possibility of the Mets […]

r.a. dickey

R.A. Who? Mets Erase Dickey from Website

I very rarely read Phil Mushnick’s column in the New York Post; he always takes strange, and in my opinion, wrong stances on virtually every issue. But every now and then there is a headline that entices me and I click on it. I usually regret it. Friday, though, he pointed out that the Mets […]

bobby valentine

Bobby Valentine Returning to Mets (on TV)?

There is a report Saturday that Bobby Valentine could have a role on Mets broadcasts this season. If so, at least part of the season will be fun to watch. The Daily News reports that the folks at SNY have reached out to Valentine about whether he would be interested in working on Mets pre-game […]


What is the IBWAA?

You may have noticed I recently added a logo on the sidebar (which is also below) for the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA for short). Just what is this organization? Well, a fine fellow named Howard Cole started it in 2009 “to serve as a digital alternative to the Baseball Writers Association of […]

Ken Davidoff Doesn’t Deserve Hall of Fame Ballot

It’s been a hell of an off season for New York Post baseball writer Ken Davidoff. First he writes a sleazy column bashing R.A. Dickey that had to come directly from the Mets front office. Then he said he didn’t vote for Mike Piazza for the Hall of Fame; not because of the unsubstantiated steroid whispers, but […]

mike piazza

Moron Doesn’t Vote for Mike Piazza for Hall of Fame

Either Ken Davidoff of the New York Post hates the Mets or he is a moron. Or both. First he writes a sleazy column aboutR.A. Dickey, now he doesn’t vote for Mike Piazza for the Hall of Fame. The “no” vote doesn’t even have anything to do with suspicions that Piazza used PEDs, Davidoff writes. […]

30 for 30

Dumb Mistake on ESPN’s “30 for 30″

I’ve been watching the ESPN documentaries “30 for 30″ on Netflix lately. Some of them are very good — “Without Bias,” about the death of Len Bias, for example. Some of them are not so good — “Silly Little Game,” a great story about the birth of Rotisserie Baseball that was extremely poorly told. Last […]

Asinine Daily News Mid-Season Mets Report Card

Asinine Daily News Mid-Season Mets Report Card

Like many readers, I am a big fan of those report cards in which a letter grade is given for each player. I do a full season report card after every season. Many news outlets also do mid-season grading, which the Daily News did on Friday. Andy Martino handed out the grades, and it made […]

Why is NBC in Sports Business?

Why is NBC in Sports Business?

I know this is off the topic of the Mets and baseball, but it is sports related and it bugs the hell out of me, so please cut me some slack. Why does NBC insist in showing sports on tape delay? I noticed on this morning that Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were battling […]

Logic? Sports Illustrated Don't Need No Stinkin' Logic!

Logic? Sports Illustrated Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Logic!

Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, of course. For example, many people think the extra Wild Card team is a good thing, others don’t like it. That is all well and good. But it shocks me when supposedly respected sportswriters attempt to back up their opinion with facts that actually undermine their […]

Seriously, Fox, Soccer on a Sunday?

I know this is a Mets and baseball blog, but forgive me for writing about football for just a moment. Those of you hoping to settle down on Sunday for a doubleheader on Fox were likely shocked to find another kind of “football” — soccer. Fox thinks it is a good idea to air soccer […]

Gary Matthews "Crybabies" Just Tip of Iceberg

Gary Matthews “Crybabies” Just Tip of Iceberg

Phillies announcer Gary Matthews’s “crybabies” on-air comment about the Mets brought to mind the bane of my Mets-watching existence — that I don’t always get the Mets feed of games so I have to listen to the other team’s announcers. I’ve written in the past about how bad some of these men are (and “Sarge” […]

Twitter Ruins Trade Deadline

If you’re a baseball fan (and if you’re not, why are you reading this blog?!), then chances are you love trade rumors. It is fun to speculate on players your team may trade or acquire, and the week leading up to the trade deadline is always an exciting week. However Twitter is ruining it. It […]

Disgusting Sports Illustrated Column on Bud Selig

Disgusting Sports Illustrated Column on Bud Selig

Did anyone read that disgusting, fawning celebration of Bud Selig that Joe Posnanski wrote in this week’s “Sports Illustrated?” Let me summarize so you won’t have to endure the torture – Bud Selig is the greatest human being to ever walk the face of the earth; a combination of Jesus, Santa Claus and Abraham Lincoln […]