THE Poll: How Many Wins for Mets in 2013?

You’ve read my opinion (hopefully), so what do you think — how many games will the Mets win in 2013? How many wins for Mets in 2013? More than 100 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 Fewer than 60    pollcode.com free polls 

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade R.A. Dickey?

Now the big question — should the Mets trade R.A. Dickey? There are two schools of thoughts on this. The first one is that he just won 20 games and will likely win the Cy Young Award. He is a knuckleballer who can pitch well into his 40s. Why would you trade him? The other […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Jonathon Niese?

There has been a lot of talk about the Mets trading Jonathon Niese. On one hand, it makes sense — it continues the trend of teams trading young, established pitchers to fill several holes (the A’s with Gio Gonzalez and the Padres with Mat Latos). And the Mets certainly have several holes to fill in […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Daniel Murphy?

Most Mets fans really like Daniel Murphy because of his hitting and his work ethic, but is he really the long-term answer at second base?  Do you think the Mets would be better off trading him to fill other gaping holes on the team? Click here to see other polls in this continuing series: Should Mets […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Lucas Duda?

In my continuing series of polls on what you think the Mets should do this off season, I ask this question: should the Mets trade Lucas Duda? Take the other polls here: Should Mets Trade Lucas Duda? Yes No    pollcode.com free polls 

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Ike Davis?

This is the first in a series of polls on what you think the Mets should do this off season. This one concerns the swirling rumors that the Mets are considering trading Ike Davis to open up first base for Lucas Duda. What do you think — should the Mets trade Ike Davis? Should Mets […]

THE Poll: How Many Games will Mets Win in 2012?

It’s a simple question really: if you were a betting man (or woman, I suppose), how many games do you think the Mets will win in 2012? How many wins for Mets in 2012? More than 100 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 Fewer than 60 pollcode.com free polls

THE Poll: Who is Your Favorite Met (with One Exception)?

If we polled Mets fans, I assume the vast majority of them would say that David Wright is their favorite Met. A poll with an obvious answer is no fun, but what if we left Wright out of the equation? So here’s my poll question: aside from Wright, who is your favorite Met? I chose […]

THE Poll: Is Trading David Wright Best for Mets?

I wanted to get the wording of this poll correct. I don’t think many fans actually want the Mets to trade David Wright, so asking if you want the Mets to trade him would yield no useful information. So let’s put the question this way — would trading David Wright truly be the best thing […]

THE Poll: Would You Buy $200 Share of Mets?

In the post below I speculate whether the Mets should sell Packers-style shares to the public, so I ask, would you buy a $200 share of the Mets? Would You Buy $200 Share of Mets? Yes No pollcode.com free polls

THE Poll: Non-Tender Pelfrey and/or Pagan?

It’s a simple question actually — what would you like to see the Mets do with Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan? There are multiple votes allowed on this so you can express your opinions about both players. What should the Mets do with Pelfrey and Pagan? Tender Pelfrey Tender Pagan Non-Tender Pelfrey Non-Tender Pagan pollcode.com […]

THE Poll: Mets Biggest Off-Season Need

We all know resigning Jose Reyes is the biggest off-season need for the Mets. But other than that, what do you think is the biggest hole to fill? Aside from Reyes, Mets biggest off-season need? Starting Pitching Bullpen Outfield Catcher Other pollcode.com free polls

THE Poll: Whom do You Want Mets to Trade?

The Mets are expected to be very busy at the trade deadline in July 31. Several expiring contracts are expected to be dealt. Whom do you want the Mets to trade? In addition to the most mentioned suspects, I threw in a few of more names to make things interesting. Unlike previous polls, you can […]

THE Poll: Who is Your Favorite All-Time Met?

Everybody has their own favorite all-time Met. Who is yours? I listed the usual suspects for the vote below, but please let me know in the comments if I left out your favorite.

THE Poll: Disappointed in Mets Off-Season?

New Mets GM Sandy Alderson has pretty much done nothing so far this off-season to improve the team. Alderson warned us that given the payroll and roster constraints, the 2011 Mets would look much like the 2010 version, so this should not come as a shock to anyone. But still, are you disappointed that Alderson has […]

THE Poll: Who Will be Next Mets Manager?

The Mets have announced that they have completed the second round of interviews for their manager’s job, meeting with Wally Backman, Terry Collins, Chip Hale and Bob Melvin. Reports say the Mets will announce the new skipper at a news conference next Tuesday. I really have no clue whom the Mets will pick. On one […]

THE Poll: Next Mets Manager

Now that Sandy Alderson is in place, his first major decision will be picking a new manager. Alderson has gone on record as saying he doesn’t believe in high-priced managers, that he wants someone who will simply follow the organization’s philosophy. That could leave out at least one fan favorite. So who do you want […]

THE Poll: Next Mets GM

I am experimenting with this new polling website I found, so I would appreciate it if you could vote so I can see if this works.