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Shea Stadium in Movies: "3 Men & a Little Lady"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “3 Men & a Little Lady”

Let me just say this — there were a lot of crappy movies filmed at Shea Stadium. The latest in this series is “Three Men and a Little Lady.” The shots of Shea were part of the opening credits. First a wide shot of the crowd doing the wave: And a close up of two […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Men in Black"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Men in Black”

Perhaps the most famous Shea Stadium appearance in movies is the original “Men in Black.” Before crashing into the globe at the old World’s Fair grounds, an alien ship did a flyover above Shea during a Mets game: For some reason a giant spaceship flying over the stadium distracted Bernard Gilkey, and a fly ball […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Two Weeks Notice"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Two Weeks Notice”

Another movie featuring Shea Stadium that I could not bear to watch is “Two Weeks Notice.” The 2002 comedy (?) starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock saw the pair take in a Mets-Giants game. Pedro Astacio got the start for the Mets… …going up against former Met Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Grant and Bullock watched from their […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Old Dogs"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Old Dogs”

Now I want to say for the record that I did not watch “Old Dogs” (I didn’t watch “The Wiz” either, by the way). I heard Shea Stadium was in it, so I got it on Netflix and fast forwarded to the Shea part. The movie itself looks terrible — at one point Robin Williams […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "The Wiz"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “The Wiz”

You wouldn’t think Shea Stadium would make an appearance in an urban remake of “The Wizard of Oz,” but you’d be wrong. The old place did indeed play a role in 1978′s “The Wiz.” Dorothy and her pals were chased by odd looking motorcycles up and down those annoying ramps at Shea: In this shot […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Godzilla: The Series"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Godzilla: The Series”

In this installment, Shea Stadium goes cartoon in “Godzilla: The Series,” an animated series that aired on Fox in the late 1990s. In the episode “What Dreams May Come,” a monster called Crackler ran amok in New York City, destroying everything in its way, including our beloved Shea Stadium. Well, something that resembles Shea — […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Bang the Drum Slowly"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Bang the Drum Slowly”

“Bang the Drum Slowly” (not to be confused with “Bang Her Bum Slowly” which is a, uh, different kind of film) is a 1973 baseball movie about a dying dimwit catcher (Robert DeNiro) and the superstar pitcher (Michael Moriarity) who takes care of him. They play for the fictional New York Mammoths in a mystery […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "The Rutles"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “The Rutles”

When people talk about great rock-n-roll mockumentaries, they always bring up “This is Spinal Tap.” No one ever talks about “The Rutles.” Well, they should, and not just because Shea Stadium has a cameo. The 1978 TV movie “The Rutles: All You Need is Cash” tells the story of four young British boys who form […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "The Odd Couple"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “The Odd Couple”

The Mets were the still the hot new thing in town when “The Odd Couple” was released in 1968 (only to get hotter a year later), so it was likely obvious to filmmakers to have sportswriter Oscar Madison wear a Mets hat in the movie. And when it came time to film a ballpark scene, […]

Shea Stadium in Movies: "Men in Black 3"

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Men in Black 3″

Likely blockbuster “Men in Black 3″ opens at a theater near you on Friday, and there is obviously considerable interest in the movie, especially among Mets fans. It seems that Will Smith goes back in time to 1969 and at one point attends a World Series game. Here is a still from the film, courtesy […]