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david wright

David Wright Does NOT Win Gold Glove

First David Wright was robbed of being the National League starter at third base in the All-Star game; now he’s been robbed of the Gold Glove at the position. Chase Headley won the award. This was by far Wright’s best defensive season. He made several sensational plays, and made virtually all of the routine ones. […]

THE Video: Dwight Gooden Rookie Strikeouts

When Dwight Gooden burst onto the scene in 1984, he rocked Shea Stadium like no other player in Mets history — and that included Tom Seaver. From his very first game, we all knew we were watching someone special. The story did not exactly play out the way it was supposed to, but Gooden left […]


Polls Closed: How to Rebuild Mets

So you may have noticed I’ve been running polls, which one loyal reader called “stupid,” over the past few weeks about who you think the Mets should trade. Well, the polling is done so now it is time to render a verdict. You are overwhelmingly against trading Ike Davis, Jonathon Niese and R.A. Dickey. You […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade R.A. Dickey?

Now the big question — should the Mets trade R.A. Dickey? There are two schools of thoughts on this. The first one is that he just won 20 games and will likely win the Cy Young Award. He is a knuckleballer who can pitch well into his 40s. Why would you trade him? The other […]


Seriously?! Mets Still Considering Andres Torres

A report in the New York Post quotes a Mets source as saying the team is still “up in the air” about whether to tender Andres Torres a contract for 2013. Let me bring them down to earth — the answer is no. Torres was terrible for the Mets in 2012, batting just .230 with […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Jonathon Niese?

There has been a lot of talk about the Mets trading Jonathon Niese. On one hand, it makes sense — it continues the trend of teams trading young, established pitchers to fill several holes (the A’s with Gio Gonzalez and the Padres with Mat Latos). And the Mets certainly have several holes to fill in […]

Photo: Citi Field in NYC Panorama

Photo: Citi Field in NYC Panorama

If you’ve never been to the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing Meadows Park next to Citi Field, you are missing one of the hidden jewels of the city — the Panorama of New York City. Built for the 1964 World’s Fair, it is a massive scale model of all five boroughs, complete with every […]

johan santana

Did Mets Blow Chance to Trade Johan Santana?

It is no secret that the Mets would love to find someone else to pay the $31 million (salary plus $5.5 million buyout) Johan Santana is owed for 2013. It would seem impossible, but then again the Red Sox were able to unload about $2 billion in salary on the Dodgers, so clearly nothing is […]

eddie yost

Former Mets Coach Eddie Yost Dies

Former Mets third base coach Eddie Yost has died at the age of 86. He passed away Tuesday morning in Massachusetts — another part of Mets history gone. Yost was with the Mets from 1968 to 1976, at a time when coaches stayed with teams for long periods of times; not like today when they […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Daniel Murphy?

Most Mets fans really like Daniel Murphy because of his hitting and his work ethic, but is he really the long-term answer at second base?  Do you think the Mets would be better off trading him to fill other gaping holes on the team? Click here to see other polls in this continuing series: Should Mets […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Lucas Duda?

In my continuing series of polls on what you think the Mets should do this off season, I ask this question: should the Mets trade Lucas Duda? Take the other polls here: Should Mets Trade Lucas Duda? Yes No free polls 

david wright

Mets Being Smart with David Wright & R.A. Dickey

It looks like the Mets are being smart in their pending contract negotiations with David Wright and R.A. Dickey. Jon Heyman of reports that the Mets will start in the $100 million neighborhood for Wright while trying to limit Dickey’s contract to two years. First Wright — I’ve said all long that the Mets […]

THE Poll: Should Mets Trade Ike Davis?

This is the first in a series of polls on what you think the Mets should do this off season. This one concerns the swirling rumors that the Mets are considering trading Ike Davis to open up first base for Lucas Duda. What do you think — should the Mets trade Ike Davis? Should Mets […]

2012 MLB Post Season Awards

2012 MLB Post Season Awards

NL MVP            Ryan Braun should probably win the first of the MLB post season awards — he finished first with 41 homers, second with 112 RBIs and third in hitting at .319. But after what happened last year, angry writers will not vote him another MVP unless he hits .400 […]

30 for 30

Dumb Mistake on ESPN’s “30 for 30″

I’ve been watching the ESPN documentaries “30 for 30″ on Netflix lately. Some of them are very good — “Without Bias,” about the death of Len Bias, for example. Some of them are not so good — “Silly Little Game,” a great story about the birth of Rotisserie Baseball that was extremely poorly told. Last […]

Shopping Advice for Sandy Alderson

The 2012 Mets season is so yesterday, literally — that’s when the season ended. Now the hard part comes of figuring out how to go shopping to make this team better in 2013. I’ll add my two cents into the mix. Those of you betting on Mets GM Sandy Alderson to actually do something might […]

bobby valentine

Red Sox Fire Bobby Valentine

In a move that should come as a shock to no one, the Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine on Thursday after one of the worst seasons in Boston in decades. I think I speak for all Mets fans when I say we would welcome him back to Flushing. The Sox finished 69-93 — their most […]

2012 Mets Final Report Card

2012 Mets Final Report Card

Well, the 2012 season is in the books — another disappointing year for the Mets. After being in the thick of the Wild Card race at the All-Star break, the Mets fell apart. And when it was all said and done the Mets had their fourth straight losing season, finishing in fourth place in the […]

Exciting Final Day of 2012 Season

It wasn’t as exciting as last season (nothing ever will be), but there was plenty of intrigue on this final day of the 2012 baseball season. First the A’s beat the Rangers to take the AL West and complete an epic collapse by Texas. The Rangers led the division by four games with six games […]

mets marlins

Mets Beat Marlins in Final 2012 Game

Well, those who have been saying that that this Mets season cannot end soon enough have gotten their wish — the season is over. I don’t know about you, but I’m sad; I always am when the season ends. As disappointing as they were this season, I’d rather watch a crummy Mets game than none […]

r.a. dickey

R.A. Dickey Pitched Season with Injury

The legend of R.A . Dickey grew immeasurably Tuesday night when he revealed that he has pitched this incredible season with a painful injury. Dickey told reporters after the game that he tore and possibly detached a stomach muscle after his second start of the season back in April. “The pain was fairly significant from […]

mets marlins

Mets Blow Lead, Fall to Lowly Marlins

Jeurys Familia got the first start of his major league career Monday night in Miami. He threw an odd game as the last place Marlins came back to beat the Mets. The strangeness started in the first inning. He walked Bryan Peterson, but Kelly Shoppach threw him out trying to steal second. Gorkys Hernandez singled, […]