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Mets Non-Tender Pelfrey, Torres, Acosta

The Mets on Friday officially non-tendered Mike Pelfrey, Andres Torres and Manny Acosta. But in typical Mets fashion, it doesn’t mean we have seen the last of these sub-par players in Mets uniforms. There are reports that the Mets might offer Pelfrey a contract so he can continue his rehab with the team and provide […]

I Predicted David Wright on “The Phil Naessens Show”

Check out my latest appearance on “The Phil Naessens Show.” We taped Thursday morning, and I correctly predicted that the David Wright deal would get done “today or tomorrow.” Further evidence of my prognostication genius!

david wright

Reports: Mets Extend David Wright

Reports in the wee hours of the morning on Friday say the Mets and David Wright have agreed to a contract that will  make Wright a Met for life. WFAN’s Ed Coleman and both report that it is a seven-year extension for $122 million. Add in the $16 million Wright is owed for 2013 […]

hall of fame

Analyzing 2013 Hall of Fame Ballot

Well, here it is — the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot, the mother of all Hall of Fame ballots. It includes the all-time home run champ, one of the greatest pitchers of all time, one of  just eight players to hit 600 or more home runs, a member of the 3000-hit club, and the […]

david wright

David Wright Contract Update

The reports have been coming in fast and furious over the past couple of days about David Wright’s contract negotiations with the Mets. This can only be good news, as it means the Mets are actually attempting to negotiate a deal with Wright, not like that free agent last year who is now hunkering down […]


Opening Day Prices: Wilpons Never Learn

The Mets have released pricing for Opening Day 2013, and it shows that the Wilpons have no clue about how to run a baseball team that has a disgruntled fan base. Mets Blog reports that the cheapest ticket will be $63, with prices rising to $460. In contrast, that same cheapest ticket will cost just […]

r.a. dickey

Mets Want “Monster Package” for R.A. Dickey

A baseball executive who may or may not know anything about the inner workings of the Mets claims the team wants a “monster package” for R.A. Dickey (don’t we all want a monster package?!). The Daily News says this unnamed mysterious “high-ranking major league executive” recently spoke with the Mets, quoting him as saying the Mets “would […]

Talking Mets on “The Phil Naessens Show”

This week on “The Phil Naessens Show,” Phil and I discuss R.A. Dickey’s much-deserved Cy Young Award, Jason Bay’s much-deserved ouster from Flushing, as well as Sandy Alderson’s reported opinion that the Mets are a 70-win team.

miguel cabrera

Miguel Cabrera, Buster Posey Win MVP Awards

The final two post season awards were handed out on Thursday — the American and National League MVPs. The conversation over the past couple of months has been whether Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera or phenom and sabermetrics favorite Mike Trout should win the AL award. Everybody predicted an extremely close race. However, I wrote: […]


Report: Mets Planning on 70-Win Season

There was a very disturbing little tidbit buried in an Andy Martino article in the Daily News earlier this week: Privately, the front office projects its team to win around 70 games in 2013, according to a source present in a September meeting at which general manager Sandy Alderson articulated this view. This stunning statement […]

r.a. dickey

R.A. Dickey Wins Cy Young Award

R.A. Dickey capped off his dream 2012 season by taking home the Cy Young Award. The announcement was made live on the MLB Network Wednesday evening. Dickey is the third Met to win the award — Tom Seaver won it three times, Dwight Gooden once. It wasn’t even close — Dickey got 27 of the […]

Mets Unveil Alternate Jersey

Mets Unveil Alternate Jersey

The Mets on Wednesday unveiled their alternate jersey for 2013, and as expected it is the blue one that everybody seems to love. The blue Mets jersey made its first appearance in 2011 and blew everyone away. It was apparently too late to add it to the 2012 regular rotation, so the Mets had to […]

jose reyes

Jose Reyes on Way to Toronto Blue Jays?

A year ago our old pal Jose Reyes made the decision to spend the following six years in sunny South Beach instead of the concrete jungles of New York City. Well, now he might be headed to cold and snowy Toronto. is reporting Thursday evening that Reyes will be the latest salary dump by the […]

rookie of the year

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper Win Rookie of the Year

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper have been named their league’s respective Rookie of the Year. But more importantly, let’s see how my post season awards predictions are holding up. As I and everyone else expected, Trout was a unanimous choice in the American League, followed by Yoenis Cespedes and Yu Darvish. I also had those […]


Trade Possibilities for Mets?

We all know the Mets will not be in the running to sign any of the big-money free agents, and scraping the bottom of the barrel for the scrubs does not seem very appealing. The best way Sandy Alderson can improve the Mets is via the trade. Let’s take a look at a couple of […]

Back on “The Phil Naessens Show”

After a court-ordered absence, I was back on “The Phil Naessens Show” this week. We discussed possible moves the Mets could make this off season. Enjoy:


Mets 2013 Outfield: More of the Same?

It is accepted throughout all of baseball that the Mets need a complete revamping of their outfield. Even casual fans of the Mets know that. However word has apparently not filtered down to the only person whose opinion actually counts — Sandy Alderson. reports that Alderson answered a slew of questions about the state […]

r.a. dickey

R.A. Dickey Rumors Flying

The R.A. Dickey rumors have been flying fast and furious on Thursday, beginning with things looking good for signing the knuckleballer  to an extension, ending with just the opposite. The morning began with quotes from Dickey at an event Wednesday night, saying, “I would say there’s been some progress, sure” towards a new deal. Later […]

r.a. dickey

R.A. Dickey Named Finalist for Cy Young Award

The Baseball Writers Association of America has named R.A. Dickey as one of the finalists for the Cy Young Award. The good news for Dickey and Mets fans is the player who is not a finalist. Dickey will compete with Clayton Kershaw and Gio Gonzalez when the award is announced on November 14. I think […]

jason bay

Mets Release Jason Bay

In what can be considered a surprise development, the Mets have released Jason Bay, despite Sandy Alderson’s past statements that he will not eat the remaining year on Bay’s contract. CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman broke the news on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, saying the Mets “have parted ways with Jason Bay by mutual agreement.” Sources say […]

melky cabrera

Melky Cabrera? Just Say No, Mets

Just about every baseball columnist has come out with an article in recent days about where they think the top baseball free agents will land. Most of those predictions end up to be wrong, but several of them think the Mets will wind up with Melky Cabrera. Bad, bad idea. To refresh your memory, this […]

cody ross

Mets Interested in Cody Ross?

This is the time of year when reports are rampant about one particular team interested in a particular player; most of them never seem to materialize, or make much sense, for that matter. But there is one report that may make sense — that the Mets are interested in Cody Ross. However, I don’t think […]

Possible Mets Payroll for 2013

Sandy Alderson has stated that next season’s Mets payroll will pretty much be the same as 2012 — roughly $100 million, give or take (mostly take) a few million. With Johan Santana and Jason Bay eating up about half of that, it will be very hard for Alderson to greatly improve the team, unless he […]