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Jon Rauch Takes on Twitter Haters

Jon Rauch is certainly going through a difficult time. He has given up runs in four of his last five games, including the game-winning home run to Russell Martin on Sunday that gave the Yankees a sweep of the Subway Series. His record is an unsightly 3-6 with a 4.88 ERA.

Rauch has been getting a lot of nasty comments directed at him on Twitter. Rauch himself is one of a handful of Mets who are active on Twitter, but instead of retreating, Rauch is taking on the haters head-on. He is actually retweeting some of the worst comments on his own feed in an effort to show “the ugly side that players involved in social media deal with.”

Good for him. Being critical of Rauch’s performance is one thing; I’m sure even Rauch would accept that, given his own criticism of his recent outings. But the personal attacks are uncalled for. Here is a sampling:


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