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Mets Win Over Yankees was Huge

Game on!
Game on!

The Mets 6-4 win over the Yankees Friday was huge, one of the biggest of the season that could propel them to greater heights.

People can say, “Oh, this is just another series. Games against division rivals are more important.” That is a load of nonsense. This is the Yankees, and it is not only satisfying but important that the Mets win at least a few of the six games they play against them every year.

Imagine how demoralizing another sweep at the hands of the hated Yankees would have been, not only for the fans but the players. It would have told them that they are not ready to compete against the big boys; the Yankees being the biggest of those boys.

The win could be a confidence booster for the Mets, and if they can sweep or even win two out of three, it could go a long way in proving that the Mets are ready to compete.

Terry Collins has done an excellent job instilling confidence in his players, but in the back of their minds they have to know how the last three seasons have gone, and it wouldn’t be crazy to think that they might have a secret fear that things could turn South very easily.

A good series against the Yankees could help diminish those fears. Things got off to a good start Friday night.

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