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Shea Stadium in Movies: “Old Dogs”

Now I want to say for the record that I did not watch “Old Dogs” (I didn’t watch “The Wiz” either, by the way). I heard Shea Stadium was in it, so I got it on Netflix and fast forwarded to the Shea part. The movie itself looks terrible — at one point Robin Williams is too tanned and wears a crown and cape. I think it is about old guys who have kids. Something like that.

Anyway, Shea is indeed in one scene. Williams and John Travolta are somehow important enough to take batting practice before the game, get front row seats and appear on the old Diamondvision.

The filmmakers also thought it would be clever to play “Summer of ’69” underneath the scene. How cute.


David Wright makes his film debut:


I don’t mean anything by this, but Travolta swings like a girl:


Williams was only slightly better:


Check out first base coach Rickey Henderson!


This is a cool shot because you can see the beginnings of Citi Field in the background:


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  • i remember this. i went to that game, and the scoreboard said “happy oldtimer’s day” or something like that. and oliver perez had a 5-0 lead before an error caused him to unfold and blow the game. typical ollie. i was sitting right up the first base line, in that first picture you have

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