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R.A. Dickey Won’t Start All-Star Game

Well, the All-Star snubbing of the Mets is complete — R.A. Dickey will not start the game. Multiple reports say Matt Cain will get the nod when Tony La Russa announces his lineup Monday afternoon.

R.A. Dickey won't start All-Star game
R.A. Dickey won’t start All-Star game

I can’t wait to hear La Russ’a likely long-winded, convoluted explanation because on the surface this just does not make sense. Cain is having an excellent year but Dickey is having a better season — his record is 12-1 compared to Cain’s 9-3, Dickey has a 2.40 ERA while Cain’s is 2.63, and Dickey even tops him in strikeouts, 123-118.

La Russa will probably talk about how difficult it is to catch a knuckleball, and maybe that backups Yadier Molina or Carlos Ruiz would have an easier time than starter Buster Posey. But that is nonsense — these are professional catchers who should be able to catch whatever is thrown to them. If Josh Thole can do it, then certainly any All-Star catcher could.

This really is a shame because Dickey is having a magical season. And let’s face it, it might be the last time the 37-year-old Dickey gets a chance to start an All-Star game. This stinks on so many levels.

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