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Scott Hairston Drives Phillies Radio Guy to F*****g Extremes!

We know Scott Hairston just kills left handed pitching. Now we find out that he also drives announcers crazy.

Scott Hairston rounds bases after offending home run
Scott Hairston rounds bases after the apparently offensive home run off Cole Hamels

According to a report from Deadspin, Phillies radio announcer Scott Franzke was wrapping up an inning on July 4 in which Hairston homered off of Cole Hamels. He thought he was off the air when he exclaimed:

“Somebody figure out how to f*****g get Scott Hairston out! He stinks! Jesus Christ!”

But of course he was still on the air.

I was planning on bringing you the audio, but just as I was posting this it was pulled from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.” I heard it before it was pulled — it was pretty funny.

MLB is very proprietary over its video and audio clips. I think it should ease up — when people hear about something cool that was caught on videotape (such as an incredible sports highlight) they instinctively turn to YouTube to see it. The more places people can see clips, the better advertising it is for the game, in my opinion. Baseball should take advantage of this.

2 thoughts on “Scott Hairston Drives Phillies Radio Guy to F*****g Extremes!

  • Hmm. Nice radio engineering in Philly.

  • Would have been better if it happened to Charlie S…

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