Mets Fear Losing Miguel Batista?!

I read the most hilarious thing I have ever read in my life this morning. From the New York Post:

miguel batista mets nationals
What would the Mets do without Miguel Batista?

The Mets’ reluctance to lose Miguel Batista was a strong factor in the selection of the veteran righty over prospect Matt Harvey for Saturday’s start against the Dodgers, a team source said yesterday.

If Harvey was selected, the Mets in all likelihood would have cleared roster space by exposing Batista to waivers. It could have left the Mets without a backup plan if Harvey came up, was unsuccessful and needed a return to Triple-A Buffalo.

Yeah, I mean where in the world could the Mets find an over-the-hill pitcher to replace Batista if necessary? Jamie Moyer is a free agent. Craig Swan has been retired for 30 years but can probably do a better job than Batista. Ron Darling is in the broadcast booth; he is readily available at the drop of a hat.

If this is true and is why they did not bring up Harvey, you really have to question the intelligence of the Mets front office. Aside from the fact that nobody would claim Batista, they are possibly stunting the growth of a budding phenom as well as hurting the team on the field in order to hold onto an aging pitcher who has shown very little all season.

Just asinine.

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