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Mets to Bring Back Manny Acosta; Lucas Duda to Go?

The Mets announced on Twitter that Manny Acosta would be activated before Tuesday night’s game against the Nationals. And by all accounts, it appears Lucas Duda will be sent to Buffalo to make room for him.

Lucas Duda to Buffalo?
Lucas Duda to Buffalo?

Let me rephrase this: Manny Acosta, the man who pitched to an 11.86 ERA and allowed 50 baserunners in 22 innings before the Mets mercifully sent him down is coming back and Lucas Duda, one of the few power threats in the Mets lineup with 12 home runs, is going away.

Now it should be noted that Acosta is pitching well in the minors — a 2.25 ERA, with 25 strikeouts and just for walks in 28 innings. And Duda has been struggling mightily of late — he is hitting just .140 in July with one home run and one RBI, and his play in right field has regressed.

But come one? Manny Acosta for Lucas Duda? I am against sending Duda down in any scenario, but it would be palatable if the Mets were doing it for a reliever who could actually get major league hitters out.

The idea of sending down Duda first came up during Monday’s game, when Gary Cohen said it was a possibility to make room for Matt Harvey. That was probably the plan but after Pedro Beato flamed out during the tenth inning of the game, he was the one who was dispatched. But the Mets, still carrying 11 pitchers and an extra bench player, need another reliever, hence this latest move.

In a post I wrote Monday about who might be sent down for Harvey, I didn’t even list Duda as a possibility. There was not a thought in my head that this could happen. And it shouldn’t.

Duda might be part of the team’s future or he could be trade bait. Sending him to the minors does not enhance either. Even if he figures things out down there, there is no guarantee it will translate to big league level. Just like Ike Davis, he should be allowed to work out his problems in the majors.

Also, removing him from the lineup takes away the home run threat. Now the Mets have just two players — Davis and David Wright — who might hit a home run every time at bat. Any team needs more than that.

This is just a bad, bad move.

UPDATE: It’s official — Duda optioned to Buffalo.

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