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Go Back in Time and See a Mets Game — Which One? posted an interesting article on Thursday —  if you could go back in time and pick one baseball game to see, which game would you pick? I don’t like stealing other people’s ideas, but I will this time. However I will limit it to one Mets game.

Would you pick the first-ever Mets game in 1962? Or the first game at Shea Stadium? Or one of the games from 1969? For Tom Seaver fans, how about his debut or when he struck out 10-straight batters? Maybe you prefer the mid-80s Mets. Game 6 of the 1986 World Series? Or Dwight Gooden’s one-hitter (no reason for me to pick that one; I was at that game!)?

There are so many other memorable possibilities. So, which game would you choose?

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  • Mets vs Giants, June 14, 1980: Steve Henderson

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