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Mets Planning on Shopping Ike Davis?

A report Tuesday morning claims the Mets will consider shopping Ike Davis this off season.

Ike Davis, trade bait?

A “baseball source” told that part of the reason would be to open up first base for Lucas Duda. But there are other reasons, according to Adam Rubin:

The Mets are disappointed with Davis’ unwillingness to make changes based on coaching advice. Although he is personable and by no means a troublemaker, they also worry — fairly or unfairly — he is out too late after games, and that could influence other young players.

It is entirely too early to get worked up over this. I mean, who is this “baseball source” anyway? But there are indications that this could be true. For example, Duda is now playing first base against lefties, which the Mets could justify by saying Duda hits lefties better than Davis (.256 to .168). But maybe they want to see how Duda handles his natural position in preparation for next season.

Or maybe the Mets are showcasing Duda for the rest of the league and he is the one who could be traded. That would make a lot more sense from the Mets point of view. Davis is the only player on the team who consistently hits for power. Duda is erratic at best. Why would you trade your best power hitter and replace him with someone with potential, but hasn’t proven that he can handle the big leagues?

Davis would certainly bring more in a trade than Duda. But filling one hole by creating another is a poor way to do business.

Before this report came out, Davis told the New York Post he wants to stay with the Mets, but it is out of his hands.

“Obviously, they have a job to do; the front office has to figure out what they want to do in the future, and I have no control of that,” he said. “If they trade me, they trade me — I can’t do anything about it.”

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