THE Poll: Should Mets Trade R.A. Dickey?

Now the big question — should the Mets trade R.A. Dickey? There are two schools of thoughts on this. The first one is that he just won 20 games and will likely win the Cy Young Award. He is a knuckleballer who can pitch well into his 40s. Why would you trade him?

The other thinking is that R.A. Dickey is a soon-to-be 38-year-old pitcher who had something of a fluke season. He only started throwing the knuckleball a few years ago, which means he has considerably more mileage in his arm than a career knuckler. Trade him now while his value is high and fill several holes on the team.

What do you think?

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Should Mets Trade R.A. Dickey?
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2 thoughts on “THE Poll: Should Mets Trade R.A. Dickey?

  • What is with these stupid polls?

  • Mark Berman

    Just gauging fan sentiment, JJ. But don’t worry, this is the last one. I’ll be writing a story about it later today.

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