Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson’s Passive R.A. Dickey Strategy

Sandy Alderson has developed an interesting strategy in his dealings with R.A. Dickey, which one could argue is a very passive approach.

r.a. dickey
R.A. Dickey’s next uniform?!

On one hand, he is handling it correctly; he doesn’t have to trade Dickey, so he is letting teams come to him and see what kind of offers are made. If he doesn’t like them, there will be no deal.

On the other hand, Alderson is allowing other teams to make the decision for him; if no one else wants him, then Dickey will remain on the team.

If Alderson decides that he wants to keep Dickey, he should just declare so and take him off the trade market. But Alderson seems reluctant to make any kind of decision.

This is not what a general manager should do. If he wants to keep a player, keep him. If he wants to trade a player, then trade him. He shouldn’t be wishy-washy.

Come on Sandy Alderson — be a man and make up your mind about R.A. Dickey. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

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