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R.A. Dickey Trade Update

So it is Saturday morning or afternoon, depending on your time zone, and R.A. Dickey is still a Met. But that could soon change, as reports say the Mets and Blue Jays are closing in on a deal to send the Cy Young award winner North of the border.

r.a. dickey
R.A. Dickey has likely thrown his last pitch for the Mets.

The reports say stud catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud is definitely part of the deal, but outfielder Anthony Gose may not be. The Mets may have to include one of their own prospects to get Gose as well.

The deal could fall through if Dickey does not agree to a contract extension with Toronto. The Jays apparently don’t want to part with their top prospect for just one year of watching Dickey’s knuckleballs flutter through the air. After initial reports that Dickey would not sign an extension with the Blue Jays, he is now apparently open to the idea.

In the meantime, the Mets PR machine is working overtime to bash Dickey, apparently so fans will be happy to see such an ingrate go. In a particularly sleazy column by Ken Davidoff in Saturday’s New York Post, Dickey is painted as a player who only cares about himself, whose only concern is to “boost his own brand.”

Davidoff also writes, “(Dickey’s) gift for self-promotion and his love of attention don’t endear himself to most teammates.” I don’t believe a word of it. Where is the attribution from one of his outraged teammates? Not even “a Met who did not want to be named.” This has all the markings of a smear campaign orchestrated by the Wilpons, with Davidoff only happy to oblige.

Dickey’s Mets career should end with good feelings after one of the great pitching years in their history, not with name calling from the front office. But make no mistake about it, R.A. Dickey’s Mets career is indeed about to end.

2 thoughts on “R.A. Dickey Trade Update

  • Read the Sports Illustrated article on Dickey and tell me you don’t want to pay this guy and keep him on your team until his arm falls off…. I sure do.

  • Smearing a guy via the press is old hat… least they’ve left his wife out of it (thus far). If you remember Seaver wasn’t as fortunate.

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