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R.A. Dickey Reaches Deal with Blue Jays

R.A. Dickey has reportedly reached a deal for a contract extension with the Blue Jays, which means the trade with the Mets is just a physical away from being official. That is expected to happen today, and the deal could be formally announced sometime tonight.

Dickey will get a  two-year extension for $25 million — similar to what he was asking from the Mets. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t ask for more money or an extra year from Toronto. But I guess that’s all Dickey wanted. Good for him.

The trade would send Dickey,  Josh Thole and a minor leaguer to Toronto for stud catcher Travis d’Arnaud, backup catcher John Buck, top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard and another minor leaguer. The Mets will also get money to offset Buck’s $6 million 2013 salary.

The deal is considered a coup for Sandy Alderson, nabbing the Blue Jays top overall prospect and top pitching prospect. It will be sad to see R.A. Dickey go, but if d’Arnaud is the next Mike Piazza and Syndergaard eventually pans out, we’ll forget all about the guy with the funny name and the funny pitch.

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