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Petty Mets Leave R.A. Dickey Out of 2012 Highlights

Is it me or can the Mets just do absolutely nothing right? After smearing R.A. Dickey on his way out the door, now the team is refusing to  include him in its 2012 highlights.

metsThe Mets sent out a “Happy Holidays” card to fans on Facebook on Thursday that included a short video of the season’s top highlights. Johan Santana’s no-hitter was there, of course. So was Ike Davis and his “career high 32 home runs.” And David Wright becoming the all-time Mets hits leader.

But Dickey’s back-to-back one hitters? Winning 20 games? Winning the Cy Young? Nowhere to be found.

I can sort of understand the Mets thinking — why promote a guy who is no longer on the team? But come on, Dickey provided some great thrills in 2012 and was a fan favorite. Whether he is on the team anymore or not, he deserves to be recognized.

This just makes the Mets look petty and classless, confirming the widely-held view that the Mets are a petty and classless organization.

The Mets went to great lengths to make sure the video could not be embedded so you have to watch it on the team’s site (petty). You can check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Petty Mets Leave R.A. Dickey Out of 2012 Highlights

  • Yea, well, what can we do? That video was probably done a month ago and they knew Dickey wasn’t going to be around…..typical Mets 🙁

  • Mets-Suck-yes-they-do

    Not only do I agree that the Mets are petty an classless, but now I just think they are downright ungrateful. What a sad, sad organization.

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