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Mets Continue Con Game with Fans

On Thursday night, Adam Rubin of reported that a Mets “insider” said the team may be done adding players to their outfield, meaning the Mets will a have minor league-caliber outfield yet again in 2013 (my words, not the “insider”). But then Friday morning, Rubin reported that “another official familiar with the organization’s intentions” (whatever that means) said an outfielder at least remains on Sandy Alderson’s shopping list.

Sandy Alderson, is that you?

Okay, here’s what happened. Someone with the team decided to finally tell the truth for once, to level with fans that what you see is what you get — the Mets roster is pretty much set. But then one or more of the higher-ups saw the report and could feel the money slipping away in terms of ticket sales. Why would anyone pay a minimum of $63 for Opening Day to see a Triple-A club? So they sent out word to resume the con game, to continue to lie to fans that major league help is on the way.

It truly pains me that I have to keep writing about how the Wilpons and Alderson are lying to us. We all love this team; how do you think it feels to know that someone you love is lying to you (a little dramatic, yes, but you get the point)? But it appears they just don’t care. The lies will keep coming, as they have been for years now, and have intensified since Alderson took over.

I just cannot understand how anyone can defend the job Alderson is doing. Last November when asked about the outfield, Alderson joked, “Outfield? What outfield? We’re probably gonna have to bring the fences in another 150 feet!” Alderson has responded to his own joke not by getting major league players to add to the non-outfield, but by apparently being content with going into 2013 with the same sub-standard crew. The joke, Mets fans, is on us.

I’m not suggesting that Alderson should have overpaid for the likes of Cody Ross, but I’ll bet there were some trades to be made if only Alderson had tried. Instead, we’re told that Mike Baxter will be a starter, and perhaps Justin Turner, who has played all of eight games in the outfield seven years ago in Rookie league, might get the chance to platoon. Both are nice players, but not as starters.

There is a way to make the team better for the future while also putting a competitive product on the field right now. The two are not mutually exclusive, however Alderson does not appear to have the ability or creativity to pull it off.

I really hate to be negative, but I fear that by mid-season or perhaps earlier, the Mets will be the laughingstocks of baseball. If that comes to pass, it will be a title that Alderson has certainly earned.

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