THE Rankings: Top 5 Mets Left Fielders

The Mets position rankings move to the outfield, starting with left field. I know you are all shocked, but Jason Bay just missed the cut. If only the Mets had given him one more chance…

1) Cleon Jones (1963, 1965-1975)


Jones had one of the more underrated Mets careers. He hit .340 in 1969 and was a fixture in left for a a decade, making one All-Star team. He was steady if not spectacular.

2) Kevin McReynolds (1987-1991, 1994)


With his lackadaisical-looking ways, McReynolds never endeared himself to Mets fans. But he did but up solid numbers during his time in Flushing — he’s in the top 10 in home runs and RBIs. He finished third in the MVP voting in 1988.

3) George Foster (1982-1986)


Foster was something of a disappointment as a Met. Fans thought they were getting a slugging superstar; instead, they got a 20 homer per season guy who was at the tail end of his career. Even though Foster was released in the middle of 1986, the World Series team was basically built around him.

4) Cliff Floyd (2003-2006)


Floyd suffered through injuries throughout his Mets career, but when he limped onto the field he was pretty good. His one full season was excellent — 34 homers, 98 RBIs. Too bad he just couldn’t stay healthy.

5) Bernard Gilkey (1996-1998)


Gilkey only played for the Mets for two and a half years, but his first season was one of the best in Mets history — 30 home runs, a then-franchise record trying 117 RBIs and a .317 batting average. That season alone earns him the number five slot in this list.

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Mug Shots courtesy Ultimate Mets Database

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