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Mike Piazza Not Elected to Hall of Fame

It was the news every Mets fan dreaded — Mike Piazza was not elected to the Hall of Fame. Certainly this is unfair, but there is good news in the voting for Piazza.

mike piazza
Mike Piazza not elected to Hall of Fame.

Piazza received 57% of the vote compared to 37% for Roger Clemens and 36% for Barry Bonds. This means while some voters are lumping in Piazza with the steroid guys, the majority of them did not. I think many writers wanted to make a statement and punish Piazza for his alleged PED use by not allowing him the honor of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But since there is no real evidence that he used steroids, they cannot justify keeping him out forever. I think Piazza will get in next year.

It really is a shame for Mike Piazza and Mets fans. Piazza will likely go into the Hall as Met. Tom Seaveris the only player wearing a Mets hat on his Hall of Fame plaque. Fans can’t wait for another player to wear one. Now we’ll have to wait at least one more year.

One thought on “Mike Piazza Not Elected to Hall of Fame

  • Tony Ferrara

    This is absolute garbage. These sanctimonious writers who never picked up a ball in their lives, judge Mike because he “may have been linked to someone, who might have known someone, who got a questionable vitamin, from a pharmacist 3rd cousin twice removed.” He is arguably, the greatest hitting catcher of all-time, & Met or not, numbers don’t lie, especially from a catcher’s standpoint.

    6911 AB’s/ 427 HR/1335 RBI’s/.308 BA…From 93′ to 02′ He averaged 35HR/106 Rib-eyes..For a Catcher? This is the problem. HOF voters should be ex-Players, Execs, Coaches & Managers..yes, some may play favorites, but it would be better than the present system.

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