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Mets “Balk” at Scott Hairston Salary Demands

Scott Hairston’s return to the Mets has reportedly hit a roadblock — the team has rejected his salary demands.

scott hairston
Will Scott Hairston be a Met in 2013?

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweeted on Tuesday that the team “balked” at Hairston’s two-year, $8 million request. Heyman also reports that Hairston is now talking to the Cubs and that the Yankees don’t seem to be involved anymore.

Hairston is expected to make his decision this week.

If this report is true, the Mets are smart not to want to pay Hairston that much money. That is an awful lot for a player who really should only be a fourth outfielder. Granted, he would be the best outfielder on the Mets, but that says more about the sorry state of the Mets outfield than Scott Hairston’s abilities.

I think it is time for the Mets to move on. Hairston is obviously not the future of the team; let’s see some new faces in the outfield.

By the way, how sad it is that Scott Hairston could be the big Mets free agent signing of the off season? Tough times in Flushing.

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