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Mets Frontrunner for Michael Bourn?

I am going to kick myself for getting sucked into this Michael Bourn-to-the-Mets talk, but there is a chance that the Mets could actually be the frontrunner for his services.

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Mets frontunner for Michael Bourn?

USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale tweeted Thursday afternoon that the Rangers (presumed frontrunner) are not involved “at all” with Bourn, leaving the Mets and Mariners as the favorites.

The Mariners have already revamped their outfield, acquiring Michael Morse, Raul Ibanez and Jason Bay (ha ha ha), to go along with Franklin Gutierrez, Michael Saunders and a couple of others. So where would Bourn even play in Seattle?

The Mets have two major hurdles before they can even think about signing Bourn. MLB has to agree to allow the Mets to surrender their second round pick instead of their first round pick in the upcoming draft (explained here). The Players Association came out in support of the Mets quest on Thursday, so that can only help. And Bourn has to lower his demands.

Bourn is reportedly seeking a five-year, $75 million contract. That is far too rich for the Mets, and far too much for a player of Michael Bourn’s abilities, in my opinion. The guy is a top-of-the-lineup speedster type, yet he struck out 155 times last season. That is a lot for any player, let alone someone with no power.

Also, B.J. Upton signed for the same amount. I would guess that if the Mets wanted to spend that much for a center fielder, they would have gone with Upton, who also strikes out a lot but at least can hit a home run.

I think the Mets would be a buyer at around three years, $36 million.

Let’s see what happens. At least something interesting is coming out of Flushing these days.

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