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Mets “No Interest” in Michael Bourn if Costs 1st Pick

An update Saturday on the Michael Bourn saga — a report claims the Mets have “no interest” in signing Bourn if they cannot keep their first round pick.

michael bourn
Michael Bourn in a Mets uniform? Don’t hold your breathe.

As you are probably by now aware, the Mets would have to give up the 11th pick in the first round of the June draft if they sign Bourn. Only the first 10 picks are protected, and the Mets got knocked out of the top 10 because the Pirates were awarded a pick for their failure to sign their pick last year. The Mets claim their pick should remain protected and they should only give up a second round choice.

Writing for, Richard Justice says the Mets absolutely will not sign Bourn if the league does not grant them this exception.

Various reports say MLB will not rule on the issue unless the Mets either sign Bourn or are deep into serious negotiations with him.

It is questionable just how serious the Mets are about Michael Bourn. He would definitely make the team better and give them at least one major league-caliber outfielder, but he is certainly not a superstar who could carry the Mets to the playoffs all by himself. He is the perfect piece for a team already in contention. Sandy Alderson has to know that.

The cynic in me tells me that perhaps this is just a PR move by the Mets to show fans that they are at least trying to improve the team. I really hate to think this way, but the deception the Mets have shown over recent years has left that door open.

Aside from all of this, it is very doubtful that the Mets would meet the price of five years, $75 million that Bourn and his agent Scott Boras are reportedly demanding. If they stick to that number, there is no way the Mets would sign Bourn, whether they can keep their pick or not. With a payroll likely topping out at $100 million for years to come, the Mets can only afford two eight-figure per season players. David Wright is already one of them. The second one has to be another difference maker, something Michael Bourn is not.

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