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Scott Boras Plays Game with Mets, Michael Bourn

Scott Boras is playing his usual free agent game, reportedly saying there is a so-called “mystery team” that has made a nice big offer for Michael Bourn, presumably much nicer and bigger than any offer the Mets may have made. Hopefully the Mets will not bite.

michael Bourn
Michael Bourn still without a team for 2013.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes Wednesday that Boras “is saying he has attractive offers elsewhere for Michael Bourn.” If Boras is telling the truth, and there is definitely reason to doubt it, then the Mets should just tell Boras to take one of those offers.

Various reports say the Mets are looking at a three-year deal and might go to a fourth, for far less money than the five-year, $75 million contract for which Boras was reportedly asking.

Boras might think he has the Mets over a barrel; after all, they are in desperate need of a major league outfielder and have a disgruntled fan base. But Sandy Alderson has indicated that he is prepared to go into the season with his misfit outfield, and he has proven time and again that he doesn’t care much about the opinion of the fans.

In this case, I happen to agree with Alderson about not overpaying for Bourn. Michael Bourn would definitely be a nice piece for the Mets and would improve the team. But would his signing make the Mets an instant contender? No. Is he a difference maker? I don’t think so. If he falls into the Mets lap at a reasonable price, then fine. If not, that would be fine as well.

Boras might have overplayed his hand with Michael Bourn. Then again, he always seems to overplay his hand, but somehow extorts big money from a team at the 11th hour. It could happen yet again, but it won’t happen with the Mets.

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