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Not a Fan of Mr. Met Spring Training Hat

I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of the Mets Spring Training hat, the one featuring Mr. Met. It’s not that I don’t like Mr. Met; it’s just that he doesn’t belong on a hat.

Mr. Met
Terry Collins wears the new Mr. Met Spring Training hat.

Every MLB team has a new hat this spring sporting an alternate logo. The Braves, for example, were reportedly going to go with the old racist Indian logo but smartly decided against it. The Mets went with the non-offensive Mr. Met.

Now, Mr. Met is a great mascot, perhaps the best in all of baseball. But he is something of a clown — a giant oversized baseball for a head with a goofy smile. He is fine for entertaining the crowd, but to represent the team on an official hat? It just doesn’t seem appropriate.

It is bad enough the Mets are a laughing-stock on the field. Does their hat have to look ridiculous, too?

One thought on “Not a Fan of Mr. Met Spring Training Hat

  • GhostofMinaya

    Mr. Met is fine, why not have the mascot as the logo on the hat? And I disagree with the PC police who say the Atlanta Indian is racist (it’s not, nor are the multitude of other teams both pro and college who were Clintoned in to renaming their teams). I’ll believe that when I see the public outcry against Notre Dame. Fools!…also, Mr. Met might be a clown, but so are the Mets, and I am a lifelong suffering fan so I can say that.

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