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Daniel Murphy Sent to NY with Injury

A pitch hasn’t even been thrown yet, and already a Mets starter is injured. Daniel Murphy was sent to New York Tuesday after experiencing a “subtle tug” on an intercostal muscle in his right ribs.

daniel murphy
Daniel Murphy injured. Great.

This intercostal muscle, which no one ever heard of until a couple of years ago, is the same thing that David Wright and Scott Hairston injured last Spring Training, and they were both all right for Opening Day.

“I think we want to be proactive and get me up to New York, especially with all the success they had with David and Scotty last year,” Murphy said. “This seems to be the best course of action. The best-case scenario would be take a couple of days off and it’ll be fine.”

Daniel Murphy could get a cortisone shot at the dreaded Hospital for Special Services, where so many Mets players have gone for “quality” medical care over the past few years.

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