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Trivia Contest: Win “Knuckleball” DVD

Unless you live under a rock where there is no television reception and you couldn’t watch Mets games last year, then you know all about the movie “Knuckleball,” featuring former Met R.A. Dickey. It came out last season and was often a topic of conversations during Dickey’s starts.

knuckleballThe well-received film is being released on DVD on April 2, and you could be the first kid on your block to own it, for free! In conjunction with MPI/Film Buff, I am giving away three copies to the movie.

All you have to do answer a simple Mets trivia question, and of course, it is related to knuckleballs:

Dickey was, obviously, the most successful knuckleballer in Mets history. But the Mets had another knuckleballer earlier this century. He wasn’t particularly good; he could never get his ball to float like Dickey’s or flutter like Phil Niekro’s. His pitches just came in flat, which explains why he started just two games for the Mets, pitching to an 8.74 ERA before being released. What is this fellow’s name?

Be one of the first three people to email me the correct answer and you win. My email address can be found in the “Contact” tab. Please do not answer in the comment section; it will not count and it will spoil the fun for everyone.

Good luck!


The answer was Dennis Springer, who pitched for the Mets in 2000.

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