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Jordany Valdespin Forcing Way onto Mets

I think the last thing the Mets wanted to do was to break camp with Jordany Valdespin on the roster. But Valdespin, often described as “immature” by unnamed Mets officials, is forcing the Mets hand with his hitting thus far in Spring Training.

jordany valdespin
Jordany Valdespin gets hit in the worst possible place on Monday.

Valdespin is batting .370 with three home runs, which is tied for the team lead, and six RBIs, which is tied for second. He homered Monday against Justin Verlander, but Verlander got back at him by hitting him in the penis with a fastball.

“I’m good. Everything is fine,” Valdespin said. “The doctor said there’s nothing bad, everything is good.”

Injured groin and all, Valdespin has earned his way into at least a platoon in the outfield, if not an outright starter.

I have been saying all off season that the Mets should have traded Daniel Murphy and installed Valdespin as the starting second baseman. Although I like Murphy, he is one of the only players on the Mets with value who could have helped bring back a major league outfielder. Jordany Valdespin is a natural infielder and often looked puzzled in the outfield last season.

But now the Mets have virtually no choice — he has played himself into the lineup, and the only available spots are in the outfield.

The Mets really don’t seem to like Jordany Valdespin; yes, there have reportedly been some issues, but they constantly harp on his alleged immaturity. Why talk about it at all? If they really liked him, they would have protected him and just wouldn’t have commented about it.

In any case, I will be happy to see Valdespin on the roster. He is an exciting player, and the Mets can use some excitement at Citi Field in 2013.

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