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Seriously?! 20,000 in Attendance at Mets-Rockies Doubleheader?

Anyone who watched Tuesday’s Mets-Rockies doubleheader in snowy, frigid Denver knows that there were maybe a few hundred people in attendance for both games. Anyone who didn’t watch the games and relied on box scores to tell the story would think tens of thousands of hearty souls turned out for the games.

Snowmen filled a few empty seats at Coors Field Tuesday.

The official attendance for game one was 21,510. Game two was allegedly played in front of 20,239 fans. That was the amount of tickets sold, not people in the stands.

That is just ridiculous. Why not announce the real attendance? Or if teams insist on the higher tickets sold number, why not announce that  in addition to the actual turnstile count?

It’s silly really, but not more silly than to claim 20,000 people turned out for a game when the number was a tiny fraction of that.

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