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Mets: No Booze in Citi Field Parking Lot

In the latest chapter of “The Mets Can’t do Anything Right,” the team has banned people from drinking alcohol while tailgating in the Citi Field parking lot. You can guess why.

citi fieldTechnically, drinking is already banned — it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public space in New York City, and the parking lot is considered public space. However, drinking in parking lots at sporting events is a tradition, and the rule was rarely enforced. Well, it is now, at Citi Field, anyway.

Yahoo! Sports reports that police have been canvassing the parking lot, issuing $25 tickets for anyone caught drinking. Now, the Mets will tell you that their website clearly states that booze is banned. It says “Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.” However there are no signs in the parking lot to notify people who do not read every single word of

No other team in the area has such a prohibition. So why do the Mets? Uh, money. The won’t say it, but they fear if you fill up on your own cheap beer in the parking lot, you won’t pay $12 for a bottle of Bud once you enter the stadium.

This really is not fair. Aren’t the Mets making enough from the $20 fee it costs to even bring your car to Citi Field? It is amazing how tone deaf the Mets are to their fans. No one should be amazed, really — the seem to go out of their way to prove it time and time again.

2 thoughts on “Mets: No Booze in Citi Field Parking Lot

  • ed sullivan

    and they wonder why i dont bring groups to the stadium anymore. Mr. Wilpon please sell the team. I grew up with the Mets , im 59 years old , I could probably tell you more about their history than you will ever know. im done.

  • WNYMetsfan03

    Fill that snapple bottle with a bunch of vodka and drink it on the train in, that’s how I do it.

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