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Mets Going Overboard with Mariano Rivera

It’s official — the Mets have gone overboard with their celebration of Mariano Rivera. At a ceremony to honor the retiring Yankees great, Jeff Wilpon asked him to throw out the first ball at Tuesday night’s game against the Mets.

mariano rivera
Everybody Loves Mariano Rivera, even the Mets, apparently.
Twitter photo courtesy Laura Behnke.

Now, I have no problem honoring Rivera; he is the greatest reliever of all time. Not only that, he has always operated off the field with class and dignity. He is admired, sometimes grudgingly, by virtually every baseball fan. But the fact remains that he is a Yankee, and Mets fans hate the Yankees.

So the Mets needed to do something low key, like they did with Chipper Jones. They presented him with that hideous piece of “artwork” at a private ceremony with a camera to record the event. Then they had a video montage of his great moments on the board before the game.

Instead, Mariano Rivera started his whirlwind day by greeting Mets employees in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. I’m not sure exactly why.

Then they held a full blown news conference at which Wilpon and the FDNY commissioner gave him plaques featuring a call box and a fire hose. You know, because relievers are “firemen” (who comes up with these lame gifts?).

And later he will throw out the first ball, likely accompanied with a video montage.

The news conference and video is all that was necessary. I mean, throwing out the first pitch? When do active players ever throw out first pitches? They play in the games for real; no need for a ceremonial appearance on the field.

This is yet another slap in the face to Mets fans who feel the organization does not honor its own players (or did I miss Mike Piazza Day?), yet goes out of its way to honor the opposition, often times from despised teams.

Add this to the list of things the Mets can’t just seem to get right.

2 thoughts on “Mets Going Overboard with Mariano Rivera

  • First, Mo is awesome. Second, this is pretty standard for the on-going “Mariano Rivera Farewell Tour.” He’s meeting with season ticket-holders and stadium workers at every ballpark the team visits, followed by newers. Third, this is actually the SECOND TIME the Mets have asked Rivera to throw out the first pitch before a game. He did it the night after notching his 500th save against the Mets (and then went on to get #501 that same night). The real sin is Rivera having more faith than Wilpon about the Mets making the World Series. At least Mo said “anything can happen.” And finally, how nice is it for me to have so much free time at work that I can write a long, rambling post about an event and game most likely getting rained-out tonight? Go Yanks!

    P.S. Mike Piazza’s number should’ve been retired Opening Day of 2008.

  • The Jackie Robinson Rotunda part probably had to do with his standing as the last 42 in the majors. Plus, wasn’t it sweet and ironic (thought it was going to be ironic for the complete opposite reason!) that the Mets came back on 3 straight hits to hand him the loss at the end of the day?

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