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David Wright Defends Decision to “Play Hurt”

David Wright is defending his decision to play through hamstring pain, a decision that now leaves him on the disabled list for anywhere from two to five weeks.

david wright
David Wright pulls up lame Friday night.

“Being around for as long as I’ve been around, I have a pretty good sense of what my body can and can’t take,” Wright said according to

After first feeling the pain about a week ago, Wright is now diagnosed with a Grade 2 strain after pulling it while beating out an infield hit Friday.

Wright said he tried to “stay under control,” but couldn’t resist in the 10th inning with the game on the line.

“I felt like I could go out there and play through it. It didn’t really bother me regularly. It was just when I needed to try to kick it into that extra gear is when it caught me a couple of times. And (Friday) night it caught me pretty good.”

David Wright said this is something he and other players have done before.

“In my mind, there’s a difference between playing hurt and playing injured. We take pride in going out there and playing through certain things. I certainly do that. And I didn’t think by going out there and playing that this would happen. I don’t think anybody thought that this would happen.”

So now Wright is gone, and the weak Mets offense has lost its best weapon. Looking back, it would have been smart for Wright to go on the DL when he the issue first cropped up and he probably would have missed only 15 days. Now he may not be back until September.

But David Wright is a warrior; this is the guy who played with a broken back for a month. He wants to be on the field to help the team win. That is an admirable stance, but in this case it cost him and the Mets more time away.

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