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So, Who Closes for the Mets?

With Bobby Parnell apparently headed to the disabled list with his stiff neck, Terry Collins has a heck of a question to answer: who closes for the Mets now?

LaTroy Hawkins: next Mets closer?

Well, it certainly should not be David Aardsma. He blew his first save attempt last Friday, then allowed a home run in Saturday’s extra inning game to lose it for the Mets. Clearly, he wilts when the pressure is on.

Scott Rice or Pedro Feliciano? Nope — they are lefty specialists.

Gonzalez Germen or Caarlos Torres? They are too untested.

Scott Atchison? Nah. He is extremely average and has never closed in his career.

That leaves us with LaTroy Hawkins, who might not be such a bad choice. His nearly 20 years in the big leagues certainly gives him the experience edge, plus he was a closer as recently as 2009.

After a bit of a rough start to the season he has been steady, providing the Mets with some stability out of the pen. The only question is at 40 years old, can he pitch multiple days in a row?

The Mets relievers have been pitching very well for the past few weeks — let’s hope they can keep it up in the face of this upheaval.


It’s official — Parnell is on the disabled list. Wilmer Flores takes his place on the roster. The Mets were carrying an extra pitcher, so they now have the usual seven relievers.

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