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It’s Official: Mets are Morons!

Mets Blog writes on Friday:

Terry Collins told reporters it was unlikely Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, or Rafael Montero would make the team out of Spring Training in 2014.

In my opinion, this makes official what we’ve long suspected — the Mets decision-makers are morons.

What ever happened to a player blowing away the competition in Spring Training and earning a spot on the roster? Who says every pitcher needs the same amount of work in Triple-A?

If the current crop of brain surgeons were running the Mets back in 1984, a teenager named Dwight Gooden would never have even been considered for a promotion from A-ball to the majors. Instead, he would have spent at least another two years in the minors.

And why say this now, in late September? Way to demoralize players — “just so you know, guys, it doesn’t matter how hard you work all winter and how well you do in Spring Training. You are Vegas-bound.”

But of course, the Mets must stick to their organizational philosophy that each pitcher must throw the exact same number of minor league innings, because their philosophies have been so successful in the past.

Plus, the Mets must delay these players’ free agency and make sure they are never Super-2 arbitration eligible. Yes, that’s much more important than fielding the best team possible.

None of us will ever stop being Mets fans, but it’s getting more and more difficult to stay loyal to this team.

One thought on “It’s Official: Mets are Morons!

  • Suilebhain

    I’m about to stop being a Met fan. In fact, I am losing interest in baseball altogether, and as I have only even been a BASEBALL fan, that means all sports are seeming more and more like trivial bullcrap occupied by overstuffed millionaire punks and run by bean counting nerds.

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