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Who Cares About Carlos Beltran?!

A lot of people in the Mets world are going nuts about Carlos Beltran finally being in a World Series. I say who cares?!

carlos beltran
Hey Mets fans, Carlos Beltran doesn’t wear the blue and orange anymore!

Carlos Beltran does not play for the New York Mets anymore. And let’s face it, he was never a fan favorite when he was in Flushing. But now that he’s gone, everybody loves him and prays that he wins his first ring?

It’s sad, really. For many Mets fans, perhaps they think this is as close as they will get to a World Series — a former player traded away from the team in the middle of the 2011 season.

Perhaps they want him to finally chase away the ghosts from his series-ending strikeout in Game 7 of the NLCS in 2006? Incidentally, these are the same fans who bashed Beltran for years for just standing there, knees buckled by an Adam Wainwright curve ball. Now they pray for his vindication?

I have written before that I was never a big fan of Carlos Beltran — very good player, yes, but I just didn’t like the way he played the game. Yet I never blamed him for that strikeout; he was simply fooled by an incredible pitch.

Fans seem to have blinders on when it comes to Beltran’s Mets career. They call him the greatest center fielder in the team’s history (I still vote for Mookie Wilson), but they forget how awful and surly he was in his first season. He followed that with three excellent seasons, but then suffered through injuries for two more years, then was traded midway through his final year. All in all, a checkered Mets career.

So excuse me if I cannot suddenly jump on the Carlos Beltran bandwagon. If he wins a World Series with the Cardinals, fine. If he doesn’t, fine. Nothing personal against Beltran, but as a Mets fan, why should I care?

3 thoughts on “Who Cares About Carlos Beltran?!

  • Gary Campbell

    I have always loved Carlos Beltran and have never understood why he wasn’t more accepted as a Met and his numbers are better than Mookie’s. He plays with a certain grace that makes it look like he isn’t trying but that just isn’t true. He took countless hits away in his Mets career including during the 2006 playoffs. He is also a player of high character which is a rarity and which I respect. I’m happy for him. Not for the Mets. Unfortunately- they sucketh.

  • Greg From Brooklyn

    Not only is Mookie Wilson is ahead of Carlos as the greatest Mets centerfielder….So is Tommy Agee.
    I could care less if this guy wins a ring…the dude went to the Yankees and offered them his services for less money.
    This wan’t a Met like Mookie or tommie Agiee…Don Hahn was more Met than Carlos.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I think Tommie Agee is the greatest center fielder the Mets ever had. Injuries cut his career short but he may have been the first Mets 20/20 man.

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