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Analyzing Jeff Wilpon’s Comments

Mets Chief Operating Officer (only because his daddy owns the company) Jeff Wilpon is making headlines Wednesday over comments he made about the state of the Mets. Let’s look at the implications of what he said at a Hurricane Sandy volunteering event in New Jersey on Tuesday.

The most interesting (if that word could be used pertaining to Jeff Wilpon) comment was about the Mets “core:”

“I think three of the starting pitchers we’re very pleased with — (Jonathon) Niese, (Dillon) Gee and (Zack) Wheeler. That, along with David (Wright), I think would be the three or four we’re solidified on.”

He interestingly left out Daniel Murphy, the only other reliable hitter the Mets have in their lineup. There are reports that while the Mets are not anxious to move Murphy, they will listen to offers for him. But not to include him as a player the Mets are “solidified on,” despite the poor grammar, is curious.

Then he addressed the Mets muddled first base situation:

“There’s probably a glut of first basemen. You can count five, if you wanted to. Something has got to happen there with the logjam. There’s been some interest already. Where that interest goes and what that brings back, that you have to let play out a little bit. And it probably won’t be until the (general manager) meetings or maybe even the winter meetings.”

So other teams have expressed interest in at least one of the Mets incumbent first basemen, probably Lucas Duda and/or Ike Davis. It appears one of them will surely be traded. In all likelihood the Mets would prefer to deal Davis, since he will make upwards of $4 million in arbitration and Duda is not yet eligible for arbitration and will make near the major league minimum.

They should get rid of both of them and start over at first, but Jeff Wilpon suggested that the Mets are not in the market at that position. When asked why the team didn’t make an offer for Jose Abreu, he said:

“If he had played left or right field, I think we probably would have offered the guy a contract.”

That implies that the Mets are prepared to spend money on the outfield. We have heard this before, so you’ll have to forgive our skepticism. Wilpon tried to smooth those fears:

“We have definite deficiencies that we’ve got to fill this off-season, and the ability to do it. So I think that’s good… That’s always been part of the plan, to use the money that is coming off the books and try to improve the team.”

So what does all this mean? Does it mean we will see a different Mets team in 2014? Even Jeff Wilpon doesn’t know:

“I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen, though. As we get further into the off-season, we’ll know a little bit better.”

3 thoughts on “Analyzing Jeff Wilpon’s Comments

  • I despise jeff “silver spoon” Wilpon.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Between the two, I would prefer we keep Ike and trade Lucas “The Tree” Duda, who has shown himself to be a natural born DH, as long as he doesn’t really have to hit. At least Ike provides some defense. I agree, though – trade both of them and start the year with someone else. Groom Satin to be a supersub.

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