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Johan Santana Thanks Mets Fans

The Mets officially bought out Johan Santana’s 2014 option on Friday, ending his career in Flushing, for now anyway. There is some talk that the Mets could re-sign him, but it does not look likely.

Santana released a statement:

“I want to thank the Mets organization, my teammates and of course give a big thank you to the Mets fans, who have been behind me from day one and stood by me through all the good and bad. I am not sure what the future holds, as this is all new to me, but I have every intention of pitching in 2014 and beyond and I am certainly keeping all my options open. BELIEVE IT.”

Although Johan Santana’s Mets career has to be called a disappointment, he did give fans many thrills, of course including his no-hitter. It would be nice to see him bounce back, as long as it is not against the Mets.

One thought on “Johan Santana Thanks Mets Fans

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    What would be nice is if he gave a serious hometown discount on one year, considering he just got paid something like $25M to sit on his duff.

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