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Photo: Mets Unveil Camouflage Jersey

The Mets unveiled their camouflage jersey on Monday, and just as I suspected, it is quite ugly.

camouflage jersey

Word leaked on Sunday that the team would wear the jersey on five “Military Mondays” to honor the troops. I wrote that while I liked the idea of paying tribute to the men and women in uniform, I did not think it was a good idea for the team to wear camouflage; the design is perfect for blending into the jungle, but it does not make for an attractive baseball uniform. I thought a simple arm patch would suffice.

The Mets may say they are doing this for the troops (and I’m sure that they do indeed have some altruistic motives), but this is also a marketing scheme. The news release posted on the team’s website ends with “The new Mets camouflage jersey will go on sale exclusively at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field Friday, November 22.” What a surprise.

It does not say that the proceeds will go towards any military charities, so it is safe to assume the Mets will pocket the profits. Very nice.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Mets Unveil Camouflage Jersey

  • FlowbeeRida

    You DO realize that all uniform sales (as it is with ALL licensed MLB merch) goes into a giant pot in MLB’s coffers to be evenly distributed among the teams right? Of course you did, wouldnt want folks thinking you made an uninformed post or something.

    Somehow i don’t think folks accused the Padres of a money grab when they rolled out these exact same uniforms 14 years ago.


  • Mark Berman

    Okay, so all of the teams get the money. That doesn’t change the fact that the Mets (and all teams, apparently) are profiting from this and that camouflage uniforms are ugly.

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